sketch for my RP blog


I drew sugar gliders

I hate pastel colors so much

I love looking at them but hate using them myself but I tried with something at least simple

but I also decided not to use lines too which made it more annoying laksjdflas ugh


trying to get used to my tablet again it keeps happening sob

oh no i have art block

just sketchin

ye I miss this girl too and I still can’t draw her worth shit


what the fuck my last drawing was 3 weeks ago

I coulda swore I drew that like

last week

y’know when Nami was created she went to a magical girl school and was a magical girl, but when I made her I never thought of what her outfit could look like if she transformed or something

so I doodled an idea.

idk I kinda got lazy with everything because I didn’t have an idea till I started drawing so ye

I did a screencap redraw meme thing

these are still a thing right? No? Okay cool always late to memes

I drew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew. Her eyes are goddamn giantic and I never really paid mind to it till now.